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All things Alys Beach Photography…rules, regulations, and more!

Updated: Jan 23

All things Alys Beach Photography

…rules, regulations, and more!

It’s no secret that Alys Beach is one of the most prestigious communities in our area. With the popularity comes some pretty strict photography rules. I have gathered all of the info on rules and regulations for Alys Beach Photography.

About Alys Beach

Alys Beach is a private community on the east end of 30A. 30A is a stretch of beach in NW Florida with 17 unique beach communities. The community was designed with a Mediterranean (almost grecian style) and is full of luxurious white architecture with lush greenery.

With the tremendous growth of 30A in the last 10 years, each community (including Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, and Seaside) have had to amend their photography policies.

As a 30A local who frequently provides family photography in Alys Beach, I am an approved vendor and know the process required to have photo session approval.

Alys Beach Photography Regulations

Alys Beach has separate guidelines for Commercial vs Non-Commercial Photography. According to Alys Beach official website, they are not allowing any commercial photography within the town.

Commercial Photography Policy:

From Alys Beach Official Website on Commercial Photography: Alys Beach has made the decision to prohibit commercial photography within the town, except that conducted by or for our Merchants of Alys Beach and in partnership with Alys Beach. All photography of products or associated with brands other than Alys Beach or the Merchants of Alys Beach is included in this policy, which extends to self-promotion or partnership promotion as with social media influencers.

Non-Commercial Photography Policy:

From the Alys Beach Official Website on Non-Commercial Photography: This type of photography and or filming is not-for-profit and for personal use only. If you are a photographer and plan to submit your images for publication, please check commercial. If you are a homeowner or rental guest, please ask your photographer to complete the request form. Please note, only homeowners and rental guests are permitted to conduct non-commercial shoots on property.

Examples of Non-Commercial Photography:

  1. Engagement/Bridal

  2. Anniversaries

  3. Baby Announcements

  4. Family/Senior Portraits

Pre-Approval Process:

If you are planning a non-commercial photography session in Alys Beach and need to gain pre-approval (it is 100% required), here are the steps to take: Also note, they require a minimum of 3 days to approve the application but we recommend 1-2 weeks just in case they have issues with your client address or insurance.

  1. Fill out this form on the Alys Beach Website: Official Form Link: You will need your Client’s name and vacation rental address that can be verified by Alys Beach.

  2. Attach Insurance requirements listing Alys Beach listed as Additional Insured on your Business Insurance. Insurance requirements: A certificate of insurance must be emailed to or uploaded to the form as proof of liability coverage in the amount of $1 million per occurrence. The certificate should indicate that EBSCO Gulf Coast Development, Inc. and its directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries, and affiliates are included on your policy as additional insureds. The certificate holder should be EBSCO Gulf Coast Development, Inc., 9581 East County Highway 30A, Building 2, Alys Beach, FL 32461-5500. Note: The insurance requirements are very specific and must be listed correctly or your application will be rejected.

Photo Shoot Rules:

Alys Beach is very specific about photography and where/how you can shoot. Here is a copy of their official rules from their website:

  1. Drones are only permitted to fly over the rented event space.

  2. Please allow 48 hours for our staff to contact you regarding approval of your shoot.

  3. Shooting in doorways and courtyards of homes is not permitted, unless it is the home you have rented.

  4. Please email photos to for approval before using in any publication or Social Media platform.

  5. Drones are only permitted to fly over the rented event space. Please note: If a drone is to be utilized during your photo shoot, special insurance requirements may apply. Drones may not be excluded from the Alys Beach insurance requirements.

alys beach photography

Once approved, you will call security when you arrive onsite and they will give you the photographer badge. You will call security when you leave and return your badge.

The effort is worth the reward as Alys Beach is a beautiful and highly photogenic community. If you are planning to stay in Alys Beach for your family vacation and would love to book an approved Alys Beach Photographer, contact me!

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