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Think about these things when booking Photographers in Destin, Florida

Photographers are not all created equal. Let me repeat. Anyone with a “nice” camera is not a professional photographer. I’ve been a full time photographer for over 10 years and have worked every single day to improve and enhance my skills to give our clients the absolute best in quality and professionalism.

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30a photographer mini session on the beach
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  1. Is the photographers portfolio consistent? Nowadays, stealing images is as easy as right click…save. When looking at their online portfolio, do the images look similar in lighting, posing, quality, and editing style?

  2. Do you like their style of editing? This is HUGE. Too many times, I’ve seen photographers post in groups about clients not being happy with their images [for whatever reasons] but the images look exactly like their portfolio. When you are booking a photographer, you are booking them with their particular style, Some are light and airy, some are dark and moody, and then some are true life color photographers, like us.

  3. Do they know lighting? Part of being a professional photographer is knowing all aspects of lighting. For this blog post in particular I am referencing beach lighting. Beach light can be superrrr tricky. If there are no clouds, there will be full sun = harsh shadows/squinty eyes/etc. If there are clouds, it will get dark a little sooner. We only book one client per evening to give you the best light. We are not volume photographers and will not sacrifice quality to book more customers… so… all of our sessions are scheduled for when you will have the absolute best lighting. Thus giving us a consistent portfolio on our website.

  1. Can you see the sky? This may sound like a crazy question but in order for you to see the people and the sky, it takes a lot of knowledge of lighting. Some photographers (particularly those who are “light and airy” style) don’t worry about it and the sky is usually white. If seeing the sky is important to you, then make sure you’re booking a photographer who shows the sky in their portfolio.

5. What are their inclement weather policies? We know that Florida weather can be as hormonal as a 13 year old girl. That being said, we try to be super flexible when it comes to bad weather. Most of the time, our afternoon showers clear up and give you a beautiful sunset. If it doesn’t look like the session will happen, we will try and reschedule depending on our availability before you leave town. If we are unable to, we refund your retainer (or you can apply it toward another date). Some photographers don’t have as much flexibility and do not refund your retainers. Be sure to read the fine print in the contract before booking your Destin photographers.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose a Photographer in Destin, Florida or anywhere else you are looking. To inquire about a beach portrait photography session, chat us below or reach out through the Contact Us page.

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