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How to find the Best Destin Photographer:

If you’re planning a vacation to Destin and want to set up family portraits during your stay, I know how overwhelming it can be to search for a photographer. Here are a few ways to find the Best Destin Photographer.

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  1. Study their portfolio: Definitely spend some time browsing their website and their social media to ensure the portfolio is consistent throughout every platform. New photographers have been known to use stock, images or steal photos from other professionals. We highly suggest to confirm the work on social media and their website.

  2. Pay attention to the sky: While this may seem like an odd request, it is very important. The way a photographer shoots into the sun and light will determine the sky. Light and airy photographers tend to over expose the sky so you are unable to see the clouds. Dark and moody photographers generally mute the colors of the greens and oversaturate the oranges. Also, if the lighting looks harsh and shadowy in the images, it is likely the photographer books multiple sessions a day, and does not focus on the quality of light. We only book one session per evening, because the best light of the day is at sunset, and we do not sacrifice quality over quantity of sessions for our clients.

  3. Ask about permits: For each county, they require photographers to have business licenses and permits. Okaloosa county, which holds Destin, Florida, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, etc. requires a business license, tax certificate, and a photography permit. They have been known to shut down weddings and photo shoot if the vendors are not permitted. This would be terrible for you as a client if your photographer was not properly licensed. 30A communities are in Walton County and they also require a separate photography permit. If your photographer pushes you to photograph at a State park then there is a high chance they do not hold the required county licenses.

  4. Reviews: while we are not the best at asking for reviews, we do believe that they are a clear indication of someone’s quality of work. If they lack reviews, or if they are very old, be cautious.

  5. Booking Platform: If you made it to the booking process, hopefully you have gained some trust with your Destin photographer, but we also encourage you to ensure the photographer has a contract to protect you and the photographer. Ask some important questions, including… What happens if it rains? Do you require a retainer? Some photographers do not refund your retainer if the session must be canceled due to the weather. We make every effort to reschedule the session, the same week if possible, but if we are unable to make it work, we refund any balance, our clients have paid.

Hopefully these tips have helped you on your journey to booking the Best Destin photographer. We are not all created equal, but there are a lot of wonderful photographers in the area. If you are still looking for a photographer, we would love to work with you. We offer online booking and transparent pricing. To inquire about a session, visit our Family photography page or give us a call at (850) 710-8002.

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