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Alys Beach Photographer

Alys Beach is a community on County Road 30A with a meticulously designed Mediterranean influence. It is the destination of luxury vacationers from all over the world. As an Alys Beach Photographer, I love working in this community photographing families and weddings.


We are an approved vendor of Alys Beach and the property management already has our insurance and required documentation on file. If you're vacationing in Alys Beach and would like to set up a portrait session, I would love to be your Alys Beach Photographer! 

alys beach photographer
photographer in Alys Beach, Florida
Alys Beach Family Photographer

Alys Beach Photography Gallery

Family Photography in Alys Beach

If you are staying in Alys Beach for your family vacation, photo shoots require pre approval but our team can have this taken care of within 3-4 days. We usually start in the beautiful walkways/gardens of Alys Beach and end on the beach when the light is the best.

Family Photography

Restaurants in Alys Beach

Part of the aesthetic of Alys Beach is coastal and chic. The restaurants also portray luxury and quality. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Alys Beach.

The Citizen

George's at Alys

Wedding Photography in Alys Beach

Alys Beach weddings are only open to owners and guests. If you are planning a wedding in Alys Beach, we would love to be your wedding photographer or videographer. Click the links below to learn more about our wedding services.

Wedding Photography
Wedding Videography

Alys Beach Vacation Rentals

If you would like to book a vacation property in Alys Beach, most of the properties are managed by the private community homeowner association. Some owners also rent their properties out individually but that can pose some restrictions on beach access and photography regulations. Use the link below to be redirected to the Alys Beach Vacation Rental website.

Vacation Rentals

Meet Rachel

Your Alys Beach Photographer

Born and raised on the Gulf Coast, I am constantly in awe that I get to call 30A home. With two littles of my own, I know the pressure and stress of scheduling family portraits. With over 10 years of full time photography experience, I know how to prompt authentic giggles, how to work efficiently so the session is not overly long and exhausting, and most importantly, I know beach light. This guarantees each client receives a gallery consistent with our beautiful online portfolio. 

photographer in alys beach florida, rachel lauen

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